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My Story


Hi. I'm Hanna. 

I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I worked hard to experience so many roles that have shaped the way I think, decide, and lead. From working as a wilderness instructor for Outward Bound Leadership School to starting my own fitness studio at 24, I'm grateful for the steps that have created my path.

After graduating from Darden School of Business (Class of 2019) with my MBA, I found myself seeking creative ways to use my entrepreneurial background and leadership. I now serve as an Experience Design Strategist for a financial firm - working to shape the future of wealth management.


When I'm not leveraging Human Design principles at work, I serve as a volunteer firefighter (51-D, West Chester) and fitness coach (yoga & barre).

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My Life


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WAY TO GROW, Self Published 2019

After founding her first company, Hanna Ladell shares her tips for becoming a better leader while capturing the complexity of mistakes and failures of her own experiences. From creating a business to understanding the link between competition and surfing, these stories of the seasoned entrepreneur document a road full of grace, one that exposes a few not-so-talked-about bumps in the road, one that brings light to the messiness of being a business owner.

This on-point guide to how to survive as a new business owner is sprinkled with edgy and sarcastic humor, Hanna unpacks and examines her experiences as a new business owner, mistakes and struggle that left her feeling overwhelmed, confused, exhausted, and reveals strategies and mentor tips that have helped her move forward with creating her own brand and vision. In the process, she encourages, entertains, and uplifts in order to find the joy in the hardships of business.

With grace-infused guidance, Way to Grow, shows you how to lead with humility and confidence, and how to let yourself laugh about the detours, bumps, and rock-blocks in the way.

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