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Big Bold Press Announcement: Ellie Goes to Fire School

Each member of the fire department matters.

From pulling a hose line to carrying a ladder – it takes coordinated effort to save lives and protect property. And yet, even today female firefighters still face challenges such as discrimination and lack of representation.

Despite this, women continue to make strides in the profession and have proven to be as capable and effective as their male counterparts.

I have seen such incredible boldness coming from my fellow female firefighters. There is something unique and magical women bring to the industry. I've seen our strength and endurance thrive in the midst of stress and fire.

It goes without saying that a diverse team of firefighters improves the effectiveness of the team by bringing different perspectives and approaches to the job.

The goal of my upcoming book, Ellie goes to Fire School (coming winter, 2024), is to highlight bravery and vulnerability as well as to celebrate the representation of women within firefighting in an effort to promote equality and inspire future generations.

I'm pumped.

Coming this week:

In an effort to celebrate women in the fire service, I'm so excited to be sharing some inspiring interviews from female firefighters around me!

Stay tuned for more stories, more passion, more #inspiration.

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